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Broadcast Radio is focused on providing complete services for your broadcast radio technology.  Whether it is for studios or software, installation, training and managed services we are all over it.  Broadcast Radio services are available to cover all your needs.

Streaming, Encoding & Broadcast Player

Broadcast Radio offers a range of hosted streaming solutions for broadcasters of all types and sizes.

Drawing on decades of combined experience in streaming radio stations we have developed a secure, cost effective, end to end streaming platform to provide both live streaming and podcast hosting facilities that won’t let you down or cost the earth.

  • Broadcast Encoder Appliance - cost effective, hardware encoding.
  • Flexible Stream & Podcast Hosting - packages to suit all stations.
  • Broadcast Player - cross browser, cross platform solution.

Music Downloads

In association with 'I Like Music for Media', we are delighted to offer a unique music download service that provides access to a database of millions of music tracks covering all genres and eras, on a 'pay as you go' basis.

The 'I Like Music' database is one of the largest music databases in the world and includes every top 40 UK chart track since the charts began in 1952. So whether you are looking for some 50's rock'n'roll or the latest N-Dubz, you can get the tracks you want in high quality WAV file format.

Technical Training

What better than to be trained or refreshed in your knowledge and know-how with our team at Broadcast Radio who have decades of experience.  We are the largest provider of broadcast radio technology for education and developing/installing professional broadcast radio software worldwide.  We can provide technical training bespoke to your needs and requirements either onsite or at our HQ (T&C apply).  It’s better to be trained by the best - our very own Broadcast Radio team!

Installation Services

Sometimes you just need an engineer! Whether it is installing some new kit, moving a studio or just finding a fault, an experienced broadcast radio engineer is a God send. The problem is, what if your station doesn't have an engineer? 

Fear not, our Broadcast Radio engineers are available for hire and ready to tackle just about any type of radio engineering job!

Radio in the Cloud

Always wanted a radio station but don't know how to run one? Need a 'sub brand' for your station but don't have time to set one up? Have a big idea that you want prove without a big investment?

Then a "Radio in the Cloud", managed radio station might be just what you have been looking for.

ISDN Replacement

Broadcast Radio has teamed up with In:Quality Ltd to offer the ipDTL service to our customers.

ipDTL is Live Remote Broadcasting just requiring a Web Browser and a stable internet connection. It's an Ideal replacement or alternative to the traditional ISDN and Telephone line technology. Simple to setup - runs in Chrome browser. No proprietary hardware or software.