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Welcome To The Broadcast Radio Family

Broadcast Radio is dedicated to providing the best technology for commercial and community radio broadcasters of all types and sizes. Our services include:

  • Complete Studios
  • Audio Equipment
  • Playout & PC's
  • Streaming & Hosting
  • Managed Radio Services

You can also buy equipment directly using our online store.

P Squared - Home of broadcast radio software

P Squared is our in house software division dedicated to producing the worlds finest professional broadcast radio software. P Squared's products include:

  • Myriad Playout
  • AutoTrack Music Scheduling
  • Powerlog - Audio & Data Logging
  • Myriad News - Radio newsroom

Visit our dedicated P Squared portal for more information and support.

Our School Radio division provides broadcast radio technology for the education sector. Whether you are primary, secondary or special school, we have the solutions for all of your radio needs. Our services include:

  • School Radio Packages
  • Educational Resources
  • Streaming & Podcasting
  • Speakers & Other Equipment

Visit our dedicated School Radio site for more information.

For higher education, our University Radio division provides broadcast radio technology and bespoke project management tailored for colleges and Universities. Services include:

  • Bespoke Studio Installations
  • Pre-built Studio Packages
  • Professional Radio Software
  • Audio Equipment
  • Consultation & Services

Visit our dedicated University Radio site for more information.

Full Studios

If you are looking for a complete studio solution including cutting edge equipment, every nut & bolt and onsite installation, you have come to the right place.

Our comprehensive range of 'off the shelf' studio packages include everything you need to start broadcasting and most include onsite installation and training at no extra charge (for mainland UK customers only - sorry!).

If your needs are a little more exotic then we can custom design a studio package and bespoke studio furniture to suit your needs. 

From simple analogue productions studios to complete digital broadcast facilities, we have a package that will cover your needs.

Full Studios
Broadcast Mixers
Broadcast Mixers

Choosing the right broadcast mixer can be a daunting task!

But our expert advisers can guide you to the best solution for your requirement and budget as well as provide a competitive quotation.

Because we know radio, we understand what you need from a mixer and will always suggest the solution that is best for you.

More complex systems (both analogue and digital) can be tricky to specify but our experience in providing studios to a wide range of broadcasters ensures we can offer the right advice to help you make your final decision 

We offer a complete range of professional and integrated software solutions covering all aspects of modern radio. From planning through to on-air delivery, our comprehensive range of software offers stations of all types and sizes the tools they need to get the results they want. We are proud to be the home of the Myriad family of products which has been powering radio stations around the world for more than twenty years! Myriad Playout can now be found in stations large and small around the globe. Highlights from our ever expanding range of software solutions includes:


 Myriad 5 Playout

Playout & Automation

Our flagship software can be found running radio stations of all types and sizes around the world. Myriad Playout is world renowned for its simple and intuitive interface that puts the presenter in creative control of their show. But simple does not mean stupid! Myriad Playout is one of the most powerful playout systems in the world with a raft of advanced features and tools to help you to produce rich and creative radio.

 Myriad Logging

Audio & Data Logging

Myriad 5 Logging is the latest iteration of our industry leading Powerlog audio and data logging system. Myriad Logging allows you to log multiple stations on a single PC as well as log web streams directly. Add to this the ability to log hardware I/O, meta data, EPG information, silences, tweets & more, and have near instant access to everything from any PC on your network and you soon see why our logging technology is used by just about every major broadcaster in the UK including the BBC.

 AutoTrack Pro

Advanced Music & Link Scheduling

Music scheduling need not be a 'dark art' with AutoTrack and AutoTrack Pro. These powerful, intuitive music scheduling tools help you to sculpt the sound of your station and produce consistent, creative radio for live and automated programming. AutoTrack Standard offers all the tools a station needs to schedule engaging content for their listeners. AutoTrack Pro ups the ante considerably with deep rules tools and reports to offer you ultimate control over your station output.

 Myriad News

Paperless Radio Newsroom System

The modern radio newsroom is a chaotic place but Myriad News provides all the tools your journalists will need to create exciting, accurate and  diverse news for 'on air' use as well as publication to a range of digital platforms. Myriad News allows you to capture content from a wide range of sources, edit and add your own stories and compile complete bulletins and programs for live delivery and publishing online and to social media. Capture, create, publish!


Studio Clock And 'Mic Live' Light

SmartSign is a low cost, screen based studio signage solution designed for the modern radio studio. Combine vital information (such as when the microphones are live) with clear and accurate timing information, in any way you like to build your ideal studio signage solution. SmartSign Lite runs on a Raspberry Pi offering a low cost solution with built in support for hardware I/O as well as our own virtual hardware service.


If you would like to see software in action, we can arrange a free online demo to show you how our range of software could benefit your radio station.

Audio Equipment
Audio Equipment

From microphones to MP3 recorders, compressors to CD players and everything in between, we can help.

Our diverse range of professional audio equipment has been cherry picked from the industries leading manufacturers to meet all of your broadcast audio needs. Everything listed has been tried and tested by Broadcast Radio and equipment only makes the cut if it offers great features, reliability and a competitive price.

Cant see what you need, no problem!

Our experienced team will be happy to offer advice and provide a solution, whatever your requirements are.


Broadcast Radio is our business and our passion. We pride ourselves on understanding radio to the core and providing advice, equipment and services to help broadcasters of all types and sizes.

Our comprehensive range of broadcast services include web streaming, consultation, installations and technical services.

If you have an idea for a radio station but don't have the time to setup and run it, we now offer a complete managed radio solution to make your ideas a reality!

Need some training, we have got that covered too with a team of experienced radio professionals just waiting to help you make great radio.

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