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Selecting a the right broadcast mixer for your station can be a difficult task. You need to get the right combination of function and ease of use, not to mention find the right choice for your budget! Luckily, our team of experts have experience in both installing and using a wide range of solutions and are happy to help you select the right mixer for your station.  

Axia Mixers

Axia offers a range of cutting edge digital mixers that utilise audio over IP using standard Ethernet routers and cables. Instead of audio being plugged into the mixer, it is converted to IP and made available on the network to any Axia enabled device. Playout systems (such as Myriad Playout) and can also route audio to your Axia system directly increasing flexibility whilst simultaneously reducing the wiring infrastructure your stations needs.

Sonifex Mixers

Sonifex offers a range of professional analogue mixing desks that can be found across the entire broadcast radio industry in stations around the World.

Whether you are looking for fixed format solution or a flexible modular mixing console, the Sonifex range offers rock solid reliability and class leading audio performance. 

Broadcast Radio Mixers

The SRM mixer by Broadcast Radio was designed to be the perfect mixer for novice broadcasters and seasoned professionals alike. The SRM was designed by Broadcast Radio and built by Sonifex in the UK.

It is the ideal mixer for a small or medium broadcast studio or a production area and interacts seamlessly with our range of professional radio software.

Allen & Heath Mixers

Allen & Heath offer a range of budget mixers ideal for stations that need functionality on a limited budget.

These flexible desks offer a wide range of options usually only found on much more expensive models.

If you need a low cost, powerful radio console and don't mind a lot of knobs and buttons then the Allen & Heath range could be for you.

AEQ Mixers

AEQ is a European manufacturer of broadcast technology with more than 40 years experience providing equipment around the world. Their range of digital mixers offer a great balance of flexibility, cost effectiveness and connectivity as they use the commonly deployed Dante™ protocol which allows a wide range of third party devices to work together.