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Myriad 5 Logging

Myriad 5 Logging

Myriad 5 Logging Is Available To Purchase Now!

Myriad 5 Logging introduces advanced, multi-channel audio, data logging and retrieval to the Myriad family. Based on our hugely popular Powerlog product but completely re-written from the ground up, Myriad 5 Logging offers instant access to all of the audio and meta-data you need for your and your competitors stations.

Myriad 5 Logging


Log Everything - Audio & Metadata

There is a huge amount of information being generated by your radio station and your competitors radio stations. Wouldn't it be great to keep a rolling log that is instantly accessible from any PC? Well now you can.

Myriad 5 Logging allows you to log audio and metadata from a number of sources including:

  • Physical audio (from a sound input device)
  • Web streams (logged directly from streaming servers so no soundcard needed)
  • Now playing information (from most leading playout software including Myriad 5 Playout, of course) 
  • Hardware events (both physical or from the Broadcast Radio Hardware Service)
  • Tweets (recorded from a number of accounts directly in your log timeline)
  • EPG Information (like show info etc)
  • Silences (and it will let you know if it thinks you need to be informed)

Robust Logging Designed To Survive Real World Issues

Myriad 5 Logging has been written from scratch to isolate the different elements that go into logging a station, so that an issue on one will not affect any of the others. Each audio log is recorded by an individual recording service as is audio processing. The meta data is also logged by separate services and even the user interface runs totally isolated from the recording services. In short, the system is built to be a resilient as it can be.

All of the meta data and the log catalogue is now stored in an MS SQL database making everything work quicker.

All New Playback Experience

The audio and data logs are instantly accessible from the new Myriad 5 Logging Playback software which is license free and can be installed on an many PC's as you wish. The new interface provides quick, graphical access to your station logs and allows you to export sections in a number of different audio formats.

Myriuad 5 Logging Playback

Data is now stored in an SQL database meaning searching for meta data, switching between logs and loading the software (in stations with many logs) is much quicker leaving you more time to listen and extract your audio.

Upgrade Included - For Powerlog 4 Total Subscription Customers


Great news for all Powerlog 4 Total Subscription customers, your Total Subscription includes all future upgrades so as long as you are still in subscription, you can update to Myriad 5 Logging at no extra charge.

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