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Broadcast Encoder Appliance

Prototype Broadcast Encoder Appliance

Broadcast Encoder Appliance - Prototype enclosure.

The Broadcast Encoding Appliance combines a robust Linux based encoding solution with an integrated sound input and output to provide a cost effective, reliable, hardware based stream encoding and decoding solution.

If you want to stream live content then you need to encode the audio into a format that can be listened to by your listeners. This process can be done with software running on a PC or with hardware. Software is a good solution and can be very cost effective (or even free) but you always run the risk of people changing the settings or accidentally shutting the software down! Traditionally, a hardware solution is regarded as the better solution but until recently, hardware stream encoders have been the more expensive option.

Enter the Broadcast Encoder Appliance

We wanted to break this dichotomy by developing a solution that offered the robust, fuss free nature of a hardware solution offered at a price that can compete with software encoding!


Broadcast Encoder Appliance - Prototype enclosure.

Key features include:

  • Linux based hardware encoder / decoder
  • Dedicated audio input and output
  • Volume control for audio input and output
  • Audio pass through for 'in chain' use
  • Uniquely designed enclosure
  • MP3 audio encoding
  • Connects directly with our streaming platform

Plug in your audio and network connection and you are ready to go.

Purchase Options

You can either purchase a Broadcast Encoder Appliance or you can add an appliance to your streaming package for a small additional monthly fee.

For more details and a free quotation, contact us today.




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