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December 2017 - Office Opening Hours


August 2017 - The Continuing March of Audio Over IP

In our constant evaluation of products and technologies that will benefit the broadcast sector, we have been continuing the investigations into the Dante system.
Dante, from Audinate is a high capacity, low delay Audio Over IP solution that is really gaining a foothold in the "Live Sound" and "Business Sound Installation" world.

There are now well over 1000 audio products from different manufacturers all compatible with Dante, along with a Virtual Soundcard for PC or MAC. A simple to user controller software for routing audio. Also the new Domain controller allowing you to manage different Dante installations across a single site (for example: Studio Audio vs Newsroom or Sales office).

Our Brand Manager David Boulton has recently passed the next level of Certification, this will allow us to better evaluate products and uses for this exciting technology into the projects we work on.

Dante Certified Level 2


August 2017 - Radio TechCon


Once again we are proud to be supporting Radio TechCon, the conference all about Radio Technology, and tickets are on sale now!

Radio TechCon 2017 takes place on Monday 27th November 2017 at IET London: Savoy Place.

For the first time, as an attendee of Radio TechCon 2017, you will benefit from CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits, accredited by the IET.




With the highly publicised global ransomware attack over the weekend we thought we would provide some information in addition to the GCHQ advice we posted over the weekend.

All of us here at Broadcast Radio have taken steps to make sure our businesses have not been affected by these problems, and we would like to offer the following advice:
You may be vunerable to these problems, reported over the weekend and you should Windows Update your PC's immediately. (Keep performing updates and reboots until no new ones show up in the list).

A security patch was issued by Microsoft 3 months ago to fix this vunerability, so if you have updated your Operating systems in the last 3 months, you should be OK. However you should still perform Windows updates today as soon as possible.

Remember that ANY Operating system older than Windows 10 / Windows 10 IOT / Server 2016 might be at risk. Even if your Playout system is NOT connected to the Internet, but you have a machine, such as a newsroom terminal, or traffic / scheduling pc, this can still be a way for ransomware or viruses into your network.
If you have any remote users (you should use a VPN connection into the system so you can employ proper security policies).

For Windows XP users, Microsoft have released a special patch, and you should obtain this directly from a Microsoft. However they have ended official support for many products, so you should not expect them to release patches in the future.

If you are still using legacy machines (XP / Vista / Win8 / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012) now might be the time to think about an upgrade to a newer machine.
If the PC's are powerful enough for your needs and you are just worried about the OS, please obtain advice from us about the ramifications. There can often be hidden problems with hardware compatibility and Broadcast Radio have spent many years in finding the best solutions for our customers.

We spent many years making sure each new OS version is compatible with our product range, and we fully support Win10 (32/64bit), Win10 IOT (for SmartSign Lite) and Server 2016 for backend systems.

Remember to change any default Administrator level usernames / passwords - this is not restricted to our software or PC's, but also things like Internet routers, audio equipment that has a web interface, etc.

We are not trying to scare you, but the events of this weekend should not be taken lightly and now is a good time to review your security policies.

If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us for the best information regarding your specific concerns. We may well experience higher than normal call volumes over the next few days, so please be patient with our teams. 


February 2017 

Recently we have been looking into other technologies that might be useful to broadcasters large and small.

Dante, from Audinate is a high capacity, low delay Audio Over IP solution that is really gaining a foothold in the "Live Sound" and "Business Sound Installation" world.
There are now over 1000 audio products from different manufacturers all compatible with Dante, along with a Virtual Soundcard for PC or MAC. A simple to user controller software for routing audio. Plus coming soon a new Domain controller allowing you to manage different Dante installations across a single site (for example: Studio Audio vs Newsroom or Sales office).

We are continuing to evaluate its uses and will hopefully bring products and solutions that might be of benefit to our customers old and new!

Oh and our Brand Manager, David Boulton is now proud to be Level 1 Certified.

Dante Certificate 

January 2017

We will be exhibiting at the Bett Show once again at Excel in London. For more information and how to get FREE tickets see our Events page.

December 2016

Happy December everyone :-) Here is some advanced warning about our festive office closure:
We will be closed from 15:00 on Thursday 22nd December and re-open Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 10:00.
Please make sure you have checked any software License codes have been renewed before this date, especially if you don't have access to our Internet Licensing.

We will have the 24hr Emergency Engineering cover available during the festive break - charges may apply depending on your contract - full terms can be heard by listening to the message before being connected to the service.


November 2016

Learn more about the new exciting Myriad 5 platform of products


July 2016

Please see the following post on our Facebook page regarding today (29/07/2016) being the final day to reserve your Windows 10 update.


July 2016

Fusion AoIP Console


We are pleased to announce that we have added the Axia Fusion AoIP Console to our digital mixer product range. The Fusion offers a highly flexible, robust digital solution ideal for complex broadcast environments or high-end studios installations. The Fusion is available in a number of frame sizes with various fader module options. Due to the specialist nature of the Fusion, each solution bespoke and you wont find it in our online store. Instead, our specialist team will be happy to discuss your project requirements and produce a unique solution perfectly tailored to your needs. For more details on the Fusion range head on over to the Fusion AoIP Console page or contact our team for more information.


July 2016

New website launched dedicated to College, University and higher education broadcasters. We are delighted to announce the launch of which covers everything from software to full studio builds. Whilst the equipment may be similar to the equipment offered on this ste, the supporting information on is focused specifically on higher educational needs. Head over to the site for more details.


June 2016

Press Release - Dark Signal Movie Release

Dark Signal is a British horror film set in a remote radio station and the adjacent farm in rural Wales. The story revolves around a mysterious message received during the stations final broadcast that appears to offer warning that a notorious serial killer has struck again.

Principal photography was shot on location in Wales in the summer of 2014 with large portions of the film being set within the studios of fictional radio station Radio Jab.


The film’s producers contacted Broadcast Radio (then P Squared) to assist them in creating the film’s authentic radio studio sets by providing studio equipment, software and furniture used at real stations.


We provided production team with a standard SR5 Digital Studio Package along with a and SR4 Studio but the produces needed to create a set that would allow the presenter character to interview a visiting physic for a pivotal scene in the film, so we modified the SR4 to allow it to link with one of our modular ‘bridging desks’ and a circular ‘talks’ (borrowed from the SR6) tables.  A fully functioning Myriad Playout system was also provided for extra authenticity.

Our team also helped to assemble the studio packages on set and ensure that the technology all worked for the big screen.


To complete the studio look, the set designers added an array of additional equipment, furniture, decoration and mood lighting to act as a backdrop for the drama.



In the film, the radio station is facing closure (and networking from London) with the events unfolding over the course of the final live broadcast, so the studio needed a ‘lived in’ feel. 


Principal photography (of the studio set at least) was completed by October 2014 and our studios were returned to us with not so much as a single blood spatter on them!

Dark Signal was released on DVD and Digital Download on the 30th of May 2016 by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment and is from Amazon, iTunes and all good retailers.

About Dark Signal

Deep in the heart of the isolated Welsh valleys, an eerie hush spreads throughout the deserted wilds. Stranded and terrified, single mother, Kate (Joanna Ignaczewska), finds herself entangled in an ill-thought-out plan: a midnight robbery about to take a dangerous turn. On lookout for her boyfriend, and left trembling in the middle of a secluded forest, she quickly realises she is not alone. With her is the vengeful spirit of a murdered girl…

Meanwhile, across the valley at a local radio station, Ben (Gareth David-Lloyd) and Laurie (Siwan Morris) are midway through their last ever radio show. With the arrival of medium, Carla, and filled with determination to go out with a bang, Laurie and Ben are about to get much more than they bargained for. Patching together fragments of ghostly sounds, they begin to unravel the clues to a frightening crime before doing do the unthinkable… making contact with the dead.


  • Actors: Siwan Morris, Gareth David-Lloyd, Duncan Pow
  • Directors: Edward Evers-Swindell
  • Classification: 18
  • Studio: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
  • DVD Release Date: 30 May 2016
  • Run Time: 95 minutes


June 2016

We’re getting really excited about the upcoming Euro 2016 Football Tournament, Broadcast Radio Ltd have teamed up (sic) with BW Broadcast to play in a UEFA Fantasy Football League during the tournament.

We would love for you to join in the fun, by creating your own fantasy football team and competing against us.

Fantasy Football

Whoever finishes top of our league will win a hamper of goodies and also $500 of Amazon vouchers – so hurry up and join the football frenzy now!

To join the fun, go to UEFA’s Euro Fantasy Football website and follow these 3 simple steps to create your own team:

  1. Pick 15 players that make up your team
  2. Confirm starting 11 and select team Captain
  3. Confirm squad

The 3 Steps

Once you have confirmed your team, you will have to either register a new account or sign in to your existing account. When you have logged in, you can join our league and compete against our fantasy team by clicking on Leagues -> Join a League and enter our unique code 72661S1A

Join the league

It’s free, it’s great fun, and you could be the WINNER!

JOIN NOW, entries have to be submitted by 10th June 2016, don’t miss the FUN!


May 2016

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Windows 10 now supported on P Squared Software from Broadcast Radio Limited!!

Please see the following page for more information:

Please have a look at the notes to see if they effect your station setup.

We DO NOT recommend that you run on the "In-place Upgrade", you can perform the upgrade to Win10 using this method and then we advise you do a “reset” which will take it back to a clean OS, where you can re-install SQL, Myriad, Autotrack - etc. This process may take hours, and you should plan accordingly.



May 2016


Don't forget, Broadcast Radio will be exhibiting at the forthcoming IT16 Event in Kent - come along and see how many benefits School Radio can give your students! June 23rd, Ashford International Hotel.


May 2016

Time for another pre-release look at the New "Myriad Logging":

This is the "Logging Monitor", it sits on client PC's - checking to see if it can communicate with the Logging Recorder.

If there is a problem with any of the Recorders, there is a popup that appears to warn you of the issue, you can find out more information with the detailed view.

More information will be forthcoming, as we head closer to Public Beta release.

Logging Monitor Pop-up

Myriad Logging Monitor


April 2016

Following on from the success of our PowerLog range of software, which was revolutionary when we introduced it to the radio industry 15 years ago.

We first installed into Jazz FM.

Other customers over the years have included: BFBS / GWR / Chrysalis / BBC Technology / Bauer / GMG / Galaxy / Abu Dhabi Media / KMFM / RNIB / BEAT 102-103 / Global Radio / IRN / Tindle / plus many, many more.

Now after 2 years of development & testing, completely re-written from the ground up, we are pleased to announce that our next generation Audio Logging system is almost ready.

More details to follow, but for now - welcome to Myriad Logging.

Myriad Logging

The First thing we want to show you is the new Silence Detection email notifications, making it even easier to see the information about the silence detected.

Silence Email 1



More features and information to follow in the coming weeks.

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