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Microphone Accessories

We offer a range of microphone accessories to help you setup, enhance and maintain your broadcast studios.

IMG Stageline MS-15 Budget Mic Arm

Our budget articulated mic arm provides stable, hands free microphone support that can be either temporarily clamped to the desk or permanently screwed down.

Rode PSA1 Articulated Mic Arm

The Rode articulated mic arm provides stable, hands free microphone support and smooth movement for maximum sound isolation. 

IMG Stageline MS-22 Desktop Mic Stand

If you need a simple, portable microphone stand, the MS-22 provides a stable, adjustable solution at a low cost.

IMG Stageline EMA-200 Dual Phantom Power Supply

If you need to use powered condenser microphones with a desk that does not supply phantom power then the EMA-200 can be used to provide the power that your mics need.

IMG Stageline MPR-1 Microphone Pre-amp

The MRP-1 can be used for any application where microphone level audio needs to be converted to higher line level audio levels.

Sonifex RB-MA2 Dual Microphone Amplifer

The RB-MA2 consists of two independent low-noise microphone pre-amplifiers for converting mic level signals to line level, or for driving long lines from microphones to processing equipment.