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Acoustic Treatment

Our DIY sound deadening kits are ideal for suppressing reflective sound to provide a more neutral sound for your station.

Flat surfaces such as walls reflect soundwaves, these reflected sounds can feed back into the microphone making the broadcast sound like it is coming from a large hall.  The sound absorbent panels included in these packages both absorb sound and disrupt soundwaves via their acoustic properties and disruptive profiles.  By placing these tiles in front and behind your presenter, you can minimise the effect of deflective echoes. There are also bass absorbent traps that further help to deaden sound within the room.

Please note that this is sound deadening not sound proofing. Sound proofing can only really be achieved via the construction of the room itself, please email for more information.

EQ Acoustics Range

Representing unbeatable value, "Project Foam" is a comprehensive family of acoustic treatments that look the part and outperform far more expensive products.

Ideal for Radio and Recording Studios, HiFi Rooms, Voice Over and Music Practice Rooms.