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We offer a range of audio equipment to meet your broadcasting needs.

But everything in our range is special because we only stock equipment that we have personally used in real studio builds so everything has been tested in a radio environment and offers the reliability, features and value that we know you need.

Acoustic Treatment

Our DIY sound deadening kits are ideal for suppressing reflective sound to provide a more neutral sound for your station. Please note that this is sound deadening not sound proofing. Sound proofing can only really be achieved via the construction of the room itself.

Amps & Distribution

Distribution amplifiers are used to effectively split audio sources so that they can be used more than once without degrading the quality or volume. Distribution Amplifiers (DA's) are commonly used to split mixing desk outputs to feed several sources such as air switches, recorders, additional studios etc.

Audio Converters

Sometimes you just need to be able to convert audio to different levels or formats. This collection of equipment is designed to provide solutions for all your audio conversion needs.

Audio & Mic Processors

We offer a range of audio and microphone processing solutions designed for a wide range of applications.

Audio Switchers & Source Selectors

This range of solutions will help you route and switch audio around your station.

CD/MP3 Players & Recorders

Our range of CD and MP3 players & recorders include semi professional and professional solutions to suit all studio configurations.

Compressors & Limiters

Compressor / Limiters are used to either restrain audio volume to within certain levels to prevent distortion. Some will also increase volume as needed to provide a more uniform sound for your listeners.


We offer a range of studio headphones including budget and professional options. All of our headphones have been tested in studio environments and come highly recommended.


We offer a selection of microphones suited to a range of broadcast applications. Whether you are looking for a low cost production mic or a high end studio solution, we have an great sounding, cost effective solution for you.

Microphone Accessories

We offer a range of microphone accessories to help you setup, enhance and maintain your broadcast studios.

Rack Equipment

Racks are a vital part of all stations but to make the most of them you sometimes need shelves, draws, vents or blanking panels. We stock a wide range of rack hardware solutions.


We offer a range of professional PC audio cards and devices for single and multi-channel operation. All the devices included in this section have been tested and certified to work with the radio software we offer. So whether you are looking for a multi-channel card for studio playout or just a good quality USB sound device for a OB laptop, we can help.

Speakers & PA's

Speakers play a very important role in any radio studio, but getting the right speakers can difficult. We offer a range of speakers to suit all budgets and situations and are happy to offer our experience in getting the right solution for you.

Stream Encoders & Decoders

If you want to listen to encode an internet radio station you will need an encoder. If you want to listen to an internet radio stream you will need a decoder. You can use a PC for either but sometimes you need something a little more dedicated. Our range or encoders/decoders offer that alternative.

Studio Clocks & Signage

We offer a range of studio signage and studio clock solutions to suit studios of all types, sizes and budgets.

Studio Furniture

No matter how you equip your studio, you will still need some furniture to house the equipment and complete the look. We offer a range of studio furniture options designed specifically for radio so whether you need a whole solution or just an equipment pod, we are happy to help.


This collection of equipment provides methods for connecting phone systems to your mixing desk.

Transmission Path

This collection of equipment covers everything you need to build an effective and redundant transmission path for your radio station.