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Audessence ALPS-3

Audessence ALPS-3
Audessence ALPS-3

Taking control to the next level, the ALPS-3 broadcast audio processor features full remote-control via both GPI and Internet (IP). For situations where audio parameters need to be changed on a regular basis, fully-flexible scheduling software is provided. All processing parameters can be remotely altered by automation systems to reflect changes in broadcast content.

Part Number: ALPS-3 (USB & RS232, front panel control + IP, scheduling, GPI, 99 pre-sets)

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Frequency Response:
DIGITAL-DIGITAL: 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.1dB
ANALOGUE-ANALOGUE: 30Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dB 

DIGITAL-DIGITAL (rms 20Hz-20kHz): <-117dBFS
ANALOGUE-ANALOGUE: (rms 20Hz-20kHz): <-83dB ref: Limit point +8dBu 

DIGITAL-DIGITAL (6dB limiting): <-100dB / 0.001% THD 
ANALOGUE-ANALOGUE (6dB limiting): <-80dB / 0.01% THD 

Stereo Separation (L/R crosstalk):
DIGITAL-DIGITAL (at 3kHz): <-117dB 
ANALOGUE-ANALOGUE (at 3kHz): <-82dB 

ANALOGUE: Balanced, 10k (bridging), ¼” Jack [TRS]. Standard operating level -6dBu to +14dBu (+22dBu clip point) 
DIGITAL: S-PDIF (RCA/Phono); 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz sample rate. 16, 20, or 24 bits. 

ANALOGUE: Active true balanced, standard operating level -6dBu to +18dBu
DIGITAL: AES-3 (XLR); full input rate / half rate.

Processing blocks: 
Gated AGC: Capture range +/-20dB; maximum positive gain can be set. Advanced AGC enables faster, programme-dependent operation. Defeatable.
Compressor: Nominal 2:1 slope and 4dB maximum boost of low levels. Defeatable.
Wide-band Limiter: Zero overshoot 1.3ms look-ahead zero clipping. Defeatable.
HF Limiter: Protects 50us or 75us emphasis curve for FM broadcast applications. Defeatable. 

Setup is via PC GUI only. Select a factory preset, modify it, set levels etc, save to Flash memory. USB on front panel, plus RS-232 on rear panel. ASCII Text based command format.
Every processing parameter, including all thresholds and time constants, can be accessed and modified under PC control (GUI included).

Power: 100 – 240V AC Nominal (acceptable range 88V to 264V AC) / 5 Watts. 
Dimensions & weight: 1-RU: 44 x 482 x 290mm deep / 1.75” x 19” x 11.25” deep. 
Weight: 1.8kg / 4lbs 

Warranty: 3 year return-to-base warranty
Approvals: CE (EMC and LVD), RoHS


Download the ALPS-3 datasheet.

Download - File size: 524KB

Information reproduced with the kind permission of Audessence.