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Software plays a vital role in modern radio and our range of Radio Software offers an integrated solution for individual stations or broadcast groups. Through our partnership with P Squared, we are able to supply a complete range of software products covering all aspects of broadcast radio.

Whether you are looking for a playout system, newsroom software, music scheduling or station logging then we have a solution that will combine great features with reliability and a user friendly experience. Just tells what you need!

Playout & Automation

Radio playout systems provide live and automated playout of content for radio stations of all types and sizes. We are pleased to be able to offer the Myriad 4 range of playout solutions which includes studio playout, automation and network playout.

Myriad Playout is used in thousands of radio stations around the world and is suitable for radio at all levels from education to national broadcasters & large commercial radio groups. 

Music Scheduling

Music scheduling systems are used to generate your stations audio output based on a the clocks, rules and categories content content. Whether it is 'live assisted' programming or automated output, the job of your scheduling system it to ensure the right content it played at the right time and that the content is scheduled in a way that obeys the rules you have set up for your station. You create Clock that provide frameworks for shows, add rules and the scheduling system does the rest.


Radio news systems are built to support the hectic environment of a busy newsroom. With the need to delivery a bulletin every hour, journalists need all the help they can get to deliver exciting and engaging news content for on air and on-line. 

Myriad News provides a full, paperless newsroom environment allows your journalists to gather, produce and compile content for on-air and on-line distribution.


Audio and data logging is an important part of any stations technical setup. Not only is it a legal requirement to record your stations outputs in some markets, it is also a highly beneficial tool as it can provide instant access to your audio for re-broadcast or reviewing content. Our range of logging software enables you to extend your station logging to include hardware events, meta data and silence detection and alarm.


SmartSign is a family of studio signage products designed to allow you to add dynamic, cost effective clocks, info and tally's to your studio.

New - Myriad 5

Myriad 5 is our next generation radio software platform covering all aspects of modern radio from creation through to broadcast and archiving. Myriad has been completely re-written from the ground up to meet the ever changing needs of modern radio.